Our Stories

Since the time our story started in 1794, we have been witness to many interesting characters and intriguing events, while at the same time playing a key role in many pivotal moments in British military history. In this section of the website we share the fascinating stories of just a small selection of these people and events. These stories are also available to see on the touchscreens in our museum. If you have a story that you think we should add, please get in touch with our curator.

The Prisoner of War
Roy Cawston - captured in North Africa in WW2, kept as prisoner in Italy and Germany
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The Special Forces
Gilbert and Jetley, special forces in WW2 North Africa and Yugoslavia
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The Spy
Bertrand Stewart, arrested as a spy in Germany in 1911, killed in action in 1914
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The Statesman
Earl of Dunraven, politician and Boer War colonel
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The Treasurer
Derrick Mullens, hero of St Valery in 1940, and government broker
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