Real life Downton Abbey?

Colonel EH Baldock commanded 3CLY from 1904-9

His family had some interesting connections – his sister was the mistress of Prince Francis of Teck, and she was bequeathed the priceless Teck emeralds before they were recovered by Queen Mary on her death in 1920. She was also reputedly had an affair with the future King Edward VII whose coronation she is said to have attended as a guest, in what was then known in court circles as the 'loose box' - an area for former royal mistresses.

Colonel Baldock married Agnes, of the very wealthy Bibby shipping family from Liverpool. They had one child, Sarah, who was set to inherit the Bibby fortunes, and who on her 15th birthday was presented with a new motor car.

It must have come as a huge shock when Sarah eloped with his chauffer Cyril Bishop who was teaching her to drive. The Baldocks faced becoming social outcasts. Cyril already had a child from an affair with a milliner’s daughter in Lewisham.