Our history from 1901-1914

West Kent Yeomanry (Queen’s Own) 1909; An informal group in the first camp after the formation of the Territorial Force in the new khaki service dress.

West Kent Yeomanry (Queen’s Own) 1900-1914

The West Kent Yeomanry had their Headquarters in Maidstone. Their squadrons were based as follows 

  • —A Squadron  : Bromley
  • —B Squadron  : Gravesend
  • —C Squadron  : Tunbridge Wells
  • —D Squadron  : Maidstone

In 1908, on the formation of the Territorial Army, the East and West Kent Yeomanry formed the South East Mounted Brigade

By this time most yeomen no longer brought their main horses to camp and the Regiment made do with hired horses, as was the intention if and when they were mobilized for war.