Our history from 1901-1914

Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles c1905 Watercolour by Richard Simkin

Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles 1900-1914

The period between The Boer War and World War I was one of modernisation and reorganisation much affected by the experiences of the Boer War.

The illustration shows the new service dress adopted in 1901 based on the uniform worn by the Imperial Yeomanry in South Africa. Their main weapon was the .303 rifle and the ammunition bandolier was an essential part of the yeoman’s equipment.—

The Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles had their headquarters in Canterbury, Its subunits, now officially referred to as Squadrons, were based as follows

  • —A Squadron  : Chatham
  • —B Squadron  : Sittingbourne/Faversham
  • —C Squadron  : Dover/Ramsgate
  • —D Squadron  : Ashford 

In 1908, the Yeomanry became part of a new body, the Territorial Force (after 1918 renamed the Territorial Army)