Colonel's Gallipoli Diary

Colonel Alexander Weston Jarvis, Commanding Officer of the 3rd County of London Yeomanry, writing his diary in his trench at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli, 1915

September 5 - 17

Sept 5  The usual shelling and sniping, Page of C Sqn hit in the shoulder, getting straight in my dugout. 

Sept 6  Busy all day trying to improve the line, a Turk came in under a flag of truce, sent him on to Brigade Headquarters. 

Sept 7  Heavily shelled especially in the reserve line where I now am. Had a party of Scottish Horse sent over to be instructed in trench warfare. They have lately arrived from England under Tullibardine and by the way they expose themselves and draw fire upon us, require instruction. 

Sept 9  Aroused at 2 am by report of attack on our covering party on the left of the line, A few Turks advancing throwing bombs but I was soon over and peace reigned again by about 2.30 with the exception of the usual Turkish rifle fire which goes on all night. Move the Roughriders up to the fire trenches on the left bring the 3rd County back to the reserve line for a few days rest.

Sept 13  Shelling going on as usual, trying to devise the means to knock out a troublesome sniper whom they have christened ‘Percy’ !

Sept 14  Fire rifle grenades at Percy – frightened him whatever 

Sept 17  Went over early to Tullibardine Camp to see the reserve trenches which we are to take over tonight when the Scottish Horse are coming to relieve us in the advance line after strenuous 3 weeks. After making all the arrangements, the trenches which we are to occupy were naturally altered ! Went again later to complete the arrangements and had one or two near squeaks from shrapnel. At 8.30 commenced to carry out the move which was completed by 11 pm. We taking the Scottish Horse trenches which are very rough, I should say they are just as they found them