The Wharton Medals

Captain William Wharton

Captain William Wharton 1785-1855

The Wharton family are ancestors of the Guthrie family, the current owners of Hever Castle.

Captain William Wharton was born in 1785, the son of Samuel Wharton, the clerk of the King’s Kitchens at Windsor. 

He joined the army as an Ensign in 1806, and served with the 5th, 35th ,85th and 73rd regiments of Foot, notably in the Peninsular War (1811) with 85th and then as a Captain commanding No.10 Company with 2nd Battalion of 73rd at  Quatre-Bras and Waterloo (1815) 

His Commanding Officer at Waterloo was 2nd Baron Harris, grandfather of 4th Baron Harris who was Honorary Colonel of the Kent Yeomanry.