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A Cruiser tank of the type that Sandy Cameron commanded in the desert when he won his first Military Cross.

Lt Colonel AA (Sandy) Cameron DSO* MC* TD

Sandy Cameron – also known as “Beef” - was the most highly decorated officer to serve in the Sharpshooters.  Born in 1910, he joined the 4th CLY in 1938 and he made his mark very early as an enthusiastic and efficient Troop leader.  When the Regiment went overseas to the Middle East in 1941 he was already a Captain. 

He was awarded his first Military Cross in early 1942 following a series of gallant actions which are detailed on his citation. Less than 6 months later he was awarded an immediate bar to the MC for his actions in the withdrawal to the El Alamein position.  A ‘bar’ which was worn on the medal ribbon denoted a second award for the same decoration rather than wearing two of the same.

At the Battle of Alam El Halfa – also known as the First battle of Alamein, Sandy commanded A Sqn of 4th CLY which took the brunt of the German attack. The position was held but all of A Sqn’s Grant tanks were destroyed with inevitable heavy casualties