The Barnardo Boy

Sicily, Italy, and back to Blighty

Harry endured a terrible sea crossing to Sicily but eventually the Germans were pushed out of Sicily, and Harry and Kenny climbed Etna.

He arrived at Messina and was in charge of vehicles for Italy, and handed over the vehicles to 78 Division in Naples.  On the return from Naples they were strafed by a ME 109E and their Bedford truck went up together with his pictures and store of war memorabilia. 

Harry returned to Blighty in preparation for D-Day.  At Catterick however he collapsed on the parade ground,  as he had a burst ulcer. 

The sergeant shouted “What’s that man doing” and Harry answered “ F– off”. Once he was in hospital, Harry had a more gentlemanly conversation with his commanding officer,  who told Harry that he had given exceptional service to his country,  and that his war was now over.