The Barnardo Boy

After the fighting. his unit was resting getting ready for the invasion of Sicily.  At Kasserine he and his Bombardier (after a few tonics) became involved in a fracas with four soldiers of the First Army . The next thing Harry remembers was waking up, feeling sore, in what he thought was heaven.

He was in fact in a Senussi chiefs tribal tent,  lying on cushions and with an entourage of lovely ladies in their finery sitting in front of the Chieftain. 

The Senussi chief told him he had been found unconscious by the side of the road, and that he was very lucky that a Senussi had found him.

The Senussi tribesmen provided the British 8th Army in North Africa with vital intelligence on German and Italian troop movements. Otherwise,  any other tribesman would have slit his throat and robbed him. 

As Harry left,  he thanked him for saving his life and the Chieftain said “oh, by the way, here is your pay book and revolver.”