The Barnardo Boy

During the battle of El Alamein a shell exploded in their trench and when Harry came around,  Ebby had received a terrible shrapnel wound in his back. Harry wrapped him in a ground sheet, put him on his back and crawled to a first aid post, where Ebby died shortly afterwards.

Harry took part in the battles and pursuit of Rommel across North Africa, until Tunis and Bizerta fell.

At one stage during a fearsome sand storm they had to stop their Gun carrier.  After the storm stopped, they found to their horror they were in the middle of a German minefield. 

They got out their bayonets and cleared an area to safety, praying all the time.  When outside he met three Royal Engineers and told them they were really scared only to be told by the Engineers  “it’s OK mate it was a dummy mine field!!”  Harry was offered a commission but preferred to stay with his gun crew.