The Barnardo Boy

There were explosions and chaos on the beach.  They stayed there for two days making a dug out with a bit of tin for a roof.  There was no food or water and they were being shot at and shelled the whole time.  Harry found a locked warehouse which he opened with a shot from his .303.  Inside he found a treasure trove of rum and carnation milk, bully beef and brand new BSA and Norton motorcycles.  They mixed the rum and carnation milk, feasted on bully beef, and raced the bikes up and down the beach for light relief amidst the German shells.  

They were one of the last set of troops off the beach, and they were thrilled when a big sailor said “Come on you buggers, next stop Dover”  The destroyer HMS Wolsey had come in to the harbour at high water and was just yards away, Harry climbed on board with rifle and rum.  There were bombs and shells and the murder in the harbour was horrible, with a hospital ship being blown up.  When Harry first saw the White Cliffs of Dover he cried his eyes out. He still remembers this with great emotion.