The Barnardo Boy

Belgium and France, 1940

Harry had many engagements and moved forward to the Albert Canal under continual enemy bombardment.  There were many casualties. The fighting was very hard,  but then the Belgians capitulated and Harry’s unit was ordered to Arras. 

Here there was a big scrap and his battery knocked out a lot of German armour,  but was eventually overwhelmed.

About 12 miles from Dunkirk they were attacked by two huge battle tanks and returned fire,  but suffered 16 casualties.

Ironically they turned out to be French tanks. The commander apologised saying “Pardon. we thought you were the Bosche,”

“It was heaven to be saved but we’d gone through hell to get there”

After disabling and dumping their equipment in the canal, Harry,  his brother and great friend Ebby made their way to the beach,  firstly on a horse, and then on foot.