Leaving the trenches at the start of the journey home


Life for Kent and Sharpshooters yeomen at Gallipoli was thereafter focused on staying in the trenches, with little do except suffer intermittent shelling and sniper fire, and make repairs to the trenches. Disease was a major problem, and our regiments lost more people to sickness than to enemy bullets.  For the allied armies as a whole, there were over 200,000 casualties at Gallipoli, with over 150,000 of these due to sickness.

You can read Trumpeter Brian Osborne’s letters to his mother from the trenches, in the file “The Schoolboy who Stowed-Away” on the touch screen.

In November 2015 a decision was made to evacuate all Allies from the Gallipoli peninsula. This was the one action in the campaign which was carried out with real success.