Armoured Cars

The Tank Museum at Bovington, Dorset, has a Peerless Armoured Car with the markings of 23rd Armoured Car Company (Sharpshooters)

Peerless Armoured Car

The Peerless Armoured Car design was developed in 1919. It was based on the chassis of the Peerless three ton lorry, with an armoured body built by the Austin Motor Company.

The most common variant was a twin-turret design fitted with two Hotchkiss .303in machine guns.

The car was reliable, but slow, heavy, unstable, and unsuitable for poor roads - effectively meaning that its deployment was almost exclusively restricted to urban areas.

The vehicle had a crew of 4, weighed in at 6 tons and had a duplicate set of driving controls in the rear to reduce manoeuvring problems in the urban environment.