World War 2

Sicily, Primosole Bridge, two ditched Sherman tanks of 3CLY and an overturned carrier with fitters on recovery, 13 July 1943

3rd County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters)


After Alam El Halfa, 3CLY were called out of the line to prepare for the Landing in Sicily. They landed late on D Day, 9th July 1943. 

The main battle of the campaign came as part of the  attempted breakout towards Catania which involved capturing the bridge over the River Simeto at Primosole. British Paratroops had captured the southern end of the bridge and after four days of bitter fighting, 3CLY and the Durham Light Infantry forced the river line and captured the bridge. 

3CLY's final operation in Sicily was to take part in amphibious operations in support of Commandos south of Messina