Between the Wars

 23rd LAC with Rolls Royce and Crossley armoured cars passing a Medium tank on army manoeuvres 1937

23rd London Armoured Car Company (Sharpshooters) 1930-1939

Under the effective leadership of Major King Jago, the Sharpshooters established a fine reputation and were often called upon to take part in regular army manoeuvres, particularly during trials with mechanised formations.—

In 1938, the Sharpshooters began to build up to regimental strength and resumed their former title of 3rd County of London Yeomanry. In 1939 a second regiment was formed, to be known as the 4th County of  London Yeomanry. Unlike most other TA units, 3rd CLY was left virtually intact and 4th CLYwas built up from a small cadre of junior officers and senior NCOs, giving the two regiments very different characters