Between the Wars

23LAC on duty with a Peerless armoured car during the General Strike of 1926. They had joined the ‘2nd Defence Force’ stationed at Chelsea Barracks and escorted lorries from the docks

23rd London Armoured Car Company (Sharpshooters) 1920-1929—

In 1920 the Sharpshooters were re-formed as the 5th London Armoured Car Company. Two years later they were renumbered 23rd to avoid confusion with the regular RTR Armoured Car Companies. They remained at their pre-war headquarters, formerly Henry Street, now renamed Allitsen Road.—

From 1920 to 1929 the Company was equipped with Peerless armoured cars. As the Territorials were the only units with armoured cars available within the United Kingdom, they were occasionally called out on more serious duties such as the General Strike of 1926 when they provided escorts for vulnerable cargoes.