Between the Wars

Territorial Army 1920

In 1919 most regiments of the Territorial Force went into suspended animation while the Government decided whether such a reserve force was still required. In early 1920 it was re-formed as the Territorial Army. The main difference from the Territorial Force of 1914 was that the TA were now liable for overseas service in times of national emergency.—

Experience of modern warfare had shown that there was a much reduced role for horsed cavalry regiments. As a result only the 14 senior yeomanry regiments remained in the cavalry role. Most of the others, including the Kent Yeomanry, became Royal Artillery which, at that time, meant that they retained their horses (mechanization of artillery regiments did not come about until the 1930s).—

Eight Yeomanry Regiments, including the Sharpshooters, were reduced in size to become Armoured Car Companies as part of the Royal Tank Corps. These were the first mounted regiments to be mechanized.