World War 1

The Home Front

With so many men fighting abroad, women took over many of the jobs at home. In the picture opposite you can see female workers in a British bomb factory.  There were dangers too. German airships dropped bombs on London and Kent – some unexploded Zeppelin bombs have been dug up recently at How Green Nursery just two miles from Hever Castle.

Conscientious objectors

George Dutch, from Tunbridge Wells, was a long standing socialist and pacifist.  In 1916 he refused to be called up as he believed the war was wrong.  He was imprisoned but, after his release, allowed home.  When he failed to return to the Army, he was arrested again but still refused to co-operate.  He remembered how his commanding officer tried but failed to break his spirit by leaving him standing outside in November wearing only his underwear.  Touch the screen to listen to George tell his story (from Imperial War Museum collection)