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Maintenance Day 25 Jan 2020

We had thirteen of our volunteers turn up for our annual maintenance day on 25 January, a record turnout so we got lots done. From updating the touchscreens wth new stories, to repairing wall panels, polishing silver, adjusting mannequins, checking for infestation, scrubbing down Sally (our armoured car!), preparing for a new interactive radio exhibit....  we even discovered our flag that had blown off the pole in a storm and some kind visitor had found and returned to us, so it was a great excuse to dismantle the mossy green flagpole and restore it to its original pristine white colour. Many thanks (left to right) to Freddy, Neil,  David, Graham, Arthur, Michael, Huw, Mads, Brenda, Emily, Dan and Ann. Plus Chris taking the photo. Everything is now ready for our visitors when the museum reopens to the public on 8 February!

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