Sharpshooter News

Home Front Weekend at Hever, 23-24 June 2018

Thanks again to every one who visited our museum during this year's Home Front weekend, and to our volunteers for helping to guide our visitors around. This is an annual event run by Hever Castle typically in late June, and we very much enjoy being part of the occasion.

One of the visitors to Hever's 'Home Front' weekend was so enthused by our Saladin armoured car that she performed an impromptu oil change.  She is dressed as a US Women's Army Corps Technical Corporal.

Museum Curator, Dan Taylor, dressed up as a Sharpshooters officer, standing in James Baxter's beautifully restored Ford GPW Jeep.  The vehicle markings are accurate for 3 CLY in the Summer of 1944, as were those on James' CMP Heavy Utility. A variety of carefully restored wartime vehicles were brought along by the Invicta Military Preservation Society.

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