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5 guest vehicles at the museum

Here are some more pictures of the five guest vehilces that were parked outside the museum during the Home Front weekend.

A group of military vehicle restorers, led by Neil Davies, and based near Penshurst kindly offered to display their vehicles alongside the museum.  Their specialisation is in vehicles of Canadian production, commonly called CMPs (though they do run a few vehicles from other sources).  Both the Kent Yeomanry and the Sharpshooters used vehicles of this type throughout their wartime service. One clever feature is that they have tactical and unit signs made up on magnetic plates so that they can fit in with a particular display, and in this regard, they did us proud. In the background is a Chevrolet CMP Field Artillery Tractor (FAT) of the type used by the Kent Yeomanry in Italy - right down to the colour scheme, sporting two shades of brown.





This CMP 8-cwt Heavy Utility, Personnel (HUP) is a version with an 'Office' style body with a desk and drawers inside.  It is on display with its awnings deployed which quickly turn the small truck into a capacious tent.  Note the 4 Armoured Brigade 'Desert Rat' and '123' on a red square Arm-of-Service badge denoting 3/4 CLY in Northwest Europe.


One of two Willys jeeps on display, this one is also marked up in 3/4 CLY markings.  Each of the vehicles has been lovingly restored and looks like they rolled off the production line a few weeks ago.  Jeeps were intended to have a service life of as little as two weeks and so their preservation is remarkable.



interesting and unusual Ford CMP with a No. 12 cab and a Wireless body.  
A number of types of CMP were used by the Sharpshooters in the Western Desert and so this one is an ideal accompaniment to the museum's display.  As you can see, catering is an important part of the group's ethos, so they fitted in with the KSY types very well


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