The Escapee

Casablanca was full of spies – as depicted in the famous movie

On arrival in Casablanca they were told that the British blockade allowed no ships in, and the Italian blockade allowed no ships out.  They explored ideas to go overland across the Sahara desert to Nigeria, or getting a Spanish fishing boat to Gibraltar. Both schemes fell though.

Then they were introduced, via an American businessman, to a mysterious British Mr X, whose name they never knew. They signed some false papers, and nearly got caught out when Keith signed the papers with his real signature. Three days later they got exit permits and got on a boat to Lisbon in neutral Portugal.

Lots of other people got on the same boat, including a large number of French Jews who were escaping from the Nazis. To quote Keith “despite the relief of escaping the Germans, I hope I shall never have to face the Atlantic in a 200 ton steamer again.”

On arrival in Lisbon, they met the British Consul. They joined a flying boat the next morning and landed safely at Poole in England, exactly three months after they had first escaped.