The Escapee

Going south through France, the escapees covered about 20 miles a day, and were always at risk of being re-captured. They swam across the river Cher, which was the border with Vichy France,  under the cover of darkness.  In the town of Loche they bought some new clothes, and got the train to Toulouse and Marseilles. Most trains were being searched, but they stayed lucky.

In Marseilles, the  British Consul was not very helpful, and advised them to surrender. But they found other people who had an elaborate plan to get them Chinese and Portuguese visas for a route to Lisbon via Shanghai and Spain. This nearly worked before the Germans closed the frontier to Spain.

Paying some more bribes, they then met an Austrian Quaker in Marseilles, who helped them create new identities as Romanian soldiers, who were with the French Foreign Legion. So they joined up. They reached Oran in Algeria by ship, and then got a train to Casablanca.