Our history from 1794-1830

Captain George Smith; Cobham Troop, West Kent Yeomanry; c1800

West Kent Yeomanry Cavalry 1794-1827

The first troops in West Kent were raised in 1794 in Cobham (West and East), Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Chislehurst, Farningham, Tunbridge Wells and Coxheath.

By 1799, further troops had been raised in Greenwich/Woolwich and Sheppey/ Queenborough

The men were expected to provide their own horses and clothing while the government provided arms and accoutrements.  They were only paid when called out on service.

In 1803 the troops were formed into a regiment, the West Kent Yeomanry Cavalry.

Unlike other volunteers, the Yeomanry  continued in service after the Napoleonic Wars, with the particular role of preventing 'disturbance of the Publick Peace'

In 1827 the Government decided to 'release from their present engagements' (ie disband) all Yeomanry Regiments in those districts where, in the previous ten years, they had never been called upon to act in aid of the civil power, a reflection on the tranquil state of the County of Kent