The Schoolboy Stow-away

Soldiers of West Kent Yeomanry resting after a meal

Second letter from the trenches - 2

You won’t forget to send me some warm clothes will you as I am short already. All potted meats and cigarettes will be useful. One of the mails from England which was coming yesterday has been sunk, so I will miss one of your letters.

When I get home, which I hope won’t be long, I won’t be able to walk into our front door like a human person, I am getting more like a rabbit every day.

The dugout that I am in now is so small that I can’t sit up and I have to crawl in. At this moment I am writing half lying down and half sitting up.

I will write you a list of what I will want you to send me if you can.

A tin of Petit-Buerre biscuits, a tin of candles, some books, potted meat, a warm woolly waistcoat, a pair of gloves, some shirts and underclothes and lots of letters. The last are the most important….