The Schoolboy Stow-away

The SS Olympic was a transatlantic cruise-liner, before she was used as a troop ship

Passage to Gallipoli - 2

….When the train started again, I came out with much difficulty, and as black as ink. Then we had a feed of sandwiches, and after that I felt better for the fray. Then the train rolled into a station at Liverpool and my heart went down into my boots. I saw visions of myself being sent home and being cursed like blazes by the Little Captain…..

Then all our men got out on the left side of the train and so I got out on the right, and I called to a chap who was near me to take me down to the dock, so we struck off as quick as we could, and just as I was going out of the station a man with a peppery face came up to me and charged me as being a deserter, when all the other men had infantry packs on except me.

Of course I had not got one, so I told him that I was in the Cavalry and that they were all in the Infantry, so I got past him all right. I came down to the dock on a tram, then my guide had to leave me so I walked into the dock but was stopped by a policeman who asked me what I wanted. So I told him I had a message from one of the officers in the West Kents, so he let me pass on. 

Then when I was in there I saw the huge form of the ‘Olympic’ in front of me. Then I tried to get on the boat, but they would not let me on till the West Kents arrived…