Royal Parades in Mote Park

Mote Park in Maidstone may be more famous these days for hosting a rock concert by Madonna, but in the 19th century it was used as a venue for major military parades on horseback.

In 1799 King George III reviewed the East and West Kent Yeomanry Troops in the Park. Crowds came from across the county- the roads in Maidstone became almost impassable. Many visitors were unable to find accommodation.

Lord Romney, the owner of Mote Park, laid on a great feast for the royal guests and all visitors (6000 in total!) The length of the tables, if placed in line, would have reached 7.5 miles. The huge amount of food provided in shown opposite.

The Royal Party must have had a long day of it – they had come over from Sevenoaks in the morning, did not leave Maidstone until 6pm, and returned back to London the same night.