Flags & Battle Honours

Reverse of the Regimental Guidon bearing 10 of the 42 battle honours earned by 3/4CLY for World War 2

World War 2 – 1939 -1945

After World War II, the Sharpshooters applied for 62 Battle Honours. Of these 42 were approved.  Even so the 42 Battle Honours awarded are surpassed by only one other Regiment,  in the Royal Armoured Corps, Regular or Territorial,

By World War II, the Kent Yeomanry had become Artillery. The Royal Artillery has one battle honour only, Ubique (Everywhere). However,  in commemoration of the wartime service of the Kent Yeomanry, the Guidon carries the Royal Artillery badge and 3 theatre honours, Middle East 1941-42, Italy 1944-45 and North West Europe 1944-45.