Flags & Battle Honours

The obverse of the Regimental Guidon presented in 1963 bears battle honours earned for the Boer War and by all three predecessor Regiments for World War I

World War I - 1914-1918

By the time of World War I, there was a War Office Battle Honours Committee which decided what actions warranted the award of a Battle Honour. They then invited regiments to apply for Battle Honours on their official list. It was further decided, for space reasons, that only 10 battle honours may be displayed on the Guidon. The choice of these 10 was left to the Regiment.  

During World War I the Kent Yeomanry and the Sharpshooters were both involved in much the same campaigns including Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine ending on the Western Front with the result that several honours were common to both. The main difference was in the final days on the Western Front in France, the Kent Yeomanry, now serving as infantry, received more battle honours than the Sharpshooters who were a Machine Gun Battalion

When, in 1961, the Kent Yeomanry and Sharpshooters amalgamated, they were presented with their first Guidon since the early 1800s. For World War I, there are 14 Battle Honours carried on this Guidon. Both Regiments were entitled to carry their 10 chosen honours but 6 of those were common to both Regiments.