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D Day 80 Visit to Normandy

Good Afternoon Sharpshooters,

As we all know next year is the 80th Anniversary of the D Day landings and there has been some discussion about whether we as an Association are going and who is/was organising it. And that’s before the when/how/cost/ bit.  I know that the Sherwood Rangers are going and I think RY might be during the week around the 6th June. I am not sure if WDgns are going at present.

The situation is that we ARE going – provided that we get enough punters – and I am taking over from Dan Taylor as lead for organising it. The plan is that we will go post DDay so as to avoid the farrago with international pomp/ceremony and road closures – and centre the visit on the town of Villers Bocage. The aspiration is to tie in with whatever the Mairie will be organising and to build on that and I have asked the Town to let me know what their plans are.

The biggest single question is going to be cost and as we are coming at this late in the day it is not going to be cheap although that being said I think the cost is not going to be significantly higher than we have paid for similar trips in the past.  If you click on the link below you will see that a Normandy trip in June works out at about £650pp twin share for a 5 day event.

This of course a ‘standard’ tour open to Joe public to book onto whereas I’m thinking of a bespoke 4 day event remembering that travel out/back will take a day in each direction leaving two days on the ground.  The 5 day tour gives three days on the ground.

We need to move forward if we really do intend to go and I would therefore be grateful if you could complete the attached form and return it to me by 10th January.

Best wishes for the New Year



Tim Rayson

Hon Secretary, Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry Association


M: 07753-747051

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