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KSY:2005-03 uniform WKY Stable Jacket c1890 Details
KSY:2005-06-03 uniform Watson 4CLY cap Details
KSY:2005-15 uniform Sgt-Major Vickers' tunic Details
KSY:2005-16 uniform Vickers Mess Jacket Details
KSY:2007-01 uniform Forage cap of Sgt C,E,May Details
KSY:2007-02 uniform Tunic of Sgt C.E.May Details
KSY:2007-04 uniform Slouch hat of Sgt May Details
KSY:2007-05 uniform SD Jacket of Sgt May Details
KSY:2007-09 uniform Forage cap of Sgt Quested Details
KSY:2007-10 uniform Tunic of Sgt E Quested Details

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