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KSY:1950-74-17 photograph Details
KSY:1950-74-18 photograph Details
KSY:1950-74-2 photograph R.E.K.M.R. MARGATE 1865 Details
KSY:1950-74-3 photograph Main Guard Cobham Park 1903 Details
KSY:1950-74-4 photograph Colt Gun Detachment 33rd Company (East Kent) Imperial Yeomanry Details
KSY:1950-74-5 photograph Members of the Royal East Kent Yeomanry on Active Service in the Transvaal, October 1899 Details
KSY:1950-74-6 photograph Margate 1869 Details
KSY:1950-74-7 photograph 33rd Company (East Kent) Imperial Yeomanry, South Africa c1900 Details
KSY:1950-74-8 photograph Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles, Canterbury, 1902 Details
KSY:1950-74-9 photograph Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles, Margate, 1902 Details

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