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KSY:1995-09-3 uniform Waddell cap Details
KSY:1998-30 silver W F H Tankard Details
KSY:1992-01 document Voyage of HMT Orion 1941 Details
KSY:1967-01 picture Volunteer Wit or Not Enough for a Prime, 1808 Details
KSY:2006-08 video record Villers Bocage, The Truth behind the Myth Details
KSY:2002-9 book Villers Bocage through the Lens Details
KSY:1996-02 document Villers Bocage revisited Details
KSY:X49 document Villers Bocage Normandy France Details
KSY:1996-45 book Villers Bocage Champ de Bataille - Le Combat des Tigres Details
KSY:X73 document Villers Bocage 13th June 1944 Details

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