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KSY:1950-48 photograph Colonel the Earl of Winchelsea, c1850 Details
KSY:1950-49 photograph Colonel the Marquess of Ormonde, REKMR, c1890 Details
KSY:1950-50 photograph Lt-Col Charles Hardy, REKMR, 1886 Details
KSY:1950-51 photograph FM HRH Arthur, Duke of Connaught, Hon Col, REKMR, 1886-1920 Details
KSY:1950-52 photograph Colonel Lord Harris, REKMR, 1908 Details
KSY:1950-53 photograph Lt-Col The Earl of Guilford, REKMR, 1915 Details
KSY:1950-56 picture Lord Harris Details
KSY:1950-58 picture West Kent (Queen's Own) Yeomanry Cavalry July 1890 Details
KSY:1950-60 picture Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles May 1890 Details
KSY:1950-61 photograph Details

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