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KSY:1970-28-6 picture West Kent (Q.O.) Yeomanry Cavalry, 1890 Details
KSY:1970-28-5 picture West Kent (Q.O.) Yeomanry Cavalry, 1863 Details
KSY:1970-29 book West Kent (Q.O.) Yeomanry and 10th (Yeomanry) Batt. The Buffs 1914-1919 Details
KSY:1976-02 silver Wenham Coffee Pots Details
KSY:2005-06-06 equipment Watson watch Details
KSY:2005-06-08 curio Watson tobacco tin Details
KSY:2005-06-09 photograph Watson photographs Details
KSY:2005-06-11 document Watson papers 1939-45 Details
KSY:2005-06-10 document Watson maps 1939-45 Details
KSY:2005-06-07 equipment Watson dark glasses Details

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