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KSY:1950-22 silver Countess of Guilford Cigarette Box Details
KSY:1950-23 silver Connaught Cup Details
KSY:1950-24 silver Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles Oil Lamps Details
KSY:1950-26 silver Edmeades smoker's lamps Details
KSY:1950-30 silver Frewen Ink Stand Details
KSY:1950-31 silver d'Avigdor-Goldsmid Vase Details
KSY:1950-33 silver Wheeler Menu Stands Details
KSY:1950-35 silver Mullens Mug Details
KSY:1950-36 silver KY Candlesticks Details
KSY:1950-37 silver Punjab Regiment Statuette Details

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