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KSY:1996-46 book Winterswijk in de Tweede Wereldoorlog Details
KSY:1996-53 book Before I Forget Details
KSY:1996-59 book Sharpshooters Snapshots Details
KSY:1997-01 book Album of the Italian Campaign 1943-45 Details
KSY:1985-19-2 book My Middle East Campaigns Details
KSY:1985-19-3 book The Two Types Details
KSY:1985-19-4 book The Highland Division Details
KSY:2010-24 book Tank Plant Details
KSY:2010-25 book British Armour in the Normandy Campaign Details
KSY:2010-26-1 book Territorial Army and Auxiliary Forces of the County of Kent Details

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