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KSY:2007-47 book Standing Orders of the 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry Sharpshooters"." Details
KSY:2005-09 book A Century of Yeoman Service Details
KSY:2005-10 book Rhodesia & After Details
KSY:2006-01 book Five Ventures Details
KSY:2002-24 book Alamein - War Without Hate Details
KSY:2001-40 book A Wandering Yeoman Details
KSY:2003-5 book King's Regulations and Orders for the Army 1912 Details
KSY:2002-9 book Villers Bocage through the Lens Details
KSY:2001-4 book Panzers in Normandy, Then and Now Details
KSY:2001-5 book Gallipoli Then and Now Details

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