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KSY:2008-13 book The Foxes of the Desert Details
KSY:2007-51 book Sherman Medium Tank 1942-1945 Details
KSY:2007-52 book Undergunned with the Sharpshooters Details
KSY:2007-59 book The Desert Rats Details
KSY:2007-68 book History of the 7th Armoured Division June 1943 - July 1945 Details
KSY:2007-69 book The Long Drive. Normandy to Hamburg 1944-1945 Details
KSY:2007-70 book Die Wehrmacht Details
KSY:2007-08 book Standing Orders of the Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1908 Details
KSY:2007-38 book Gallipoli Then and Now Details
KSY:2007-39 book Panzers in Normandy Then and Now Details

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