KSYA Membership Definitions

Full Member

For those who are serving in the Sharpshooters or who have served in the Sharpshooters or one of the forebear Units / sub-Units previously. Also applies to those who were attached for any period of minimum three months. Serving members are encouraged to voluntarily donate £20.00pa towards the Journal and welfare fund.

Family Member

Anyone who is closely related to a Full Member Sharpshooter (ie who qualifies as a Sharpshooter) whether alive or deceased. Applies for up to two generations from the membership of the Full Member. Family members of deceased members are encouraged to make a minimal annual donation of £20.00.

Friend of the KSYA

For those who wish to be involved with the Sharpshooters (through friends, family not covered above, historical interest etc) and who do not qualify for “Full” or “Family” membership. Subject to sponsorship by a Full member and approval by the Membership subcommittee. Friends will be encouraged to make an annual donation of £20.00 by their sponsors – and which is mandatory to receive a copy of the Journal.

Honorary Member

Where, in the opinion of Members or Trustees, and subject to Trustees approval, an individual (or group of individuals) has supported the Sharpshooters and/or KSYA in such a way that they should become Honorary Members of the Association.


This is awarded to Full Members (and exceptionally to other categories of Member) in recognition of service to the Sharpshooters and / or to the Association. May also be given to notable members (such as Honorary Colonels). VP appointments will be approved by the Trustees. VPs are expected to support the serving Sharpshooters and Association in an Ambassadorial type role and also to act as counsel, when needed, to Trustees and Committee members.